We live in a complex and ever changing world with ever changing benchmarks and expectations and let’s face it, keeping track of new developments, is time consuming and challenging. ‘Staying at the edge’ allows us to be abreast of new developments and we have showcased a few projects that best represent our services and capabilities. Please contact us for more details on our full range of services and experience.

URA Singapore City Gallery

A major visitor centre in Singapore, the Singapore City Gallery has over 25 major interactive and media features throughout its various galleries. Design, content development, project management and full production supervision in collaboration with Sugar Design Consultants and Winkle Picker Ltd.

Maritime Experiential Museum

The largest maritime museum in South East Asia, the museum focuses on Asian maritme history. Whether it was the reproduction of a full scale, Ming Chinese ship (Boa Chuan) or the street markets of ancient Asian cities, the CEC team maintained the full range of design development, production supervision, heritage research and multimedia development services for the project.

HDB My Nice Home Gallery

Showcasing Singapore’s Housing Development Board’s range of apartments within a design friendly environment the My Nice Home Gallery has been a showcase for new and exisitng home owners for interior design ideas. CEC provided full design and project management services for the project.

SIM Living Heritage Gallery

Highlighting and celebrating 50 years of the institution’s unique heritage in tertiary  education. CEC provided full design & production services for the project including the development of the time capsule as a central feature.

MEM Pirates Gallery

Featuring some of Asia’s most notorious pirates, the gallery was developed to broaden the maritime history of the museum. CEC provided full design & production services including the research, development and production of the 16 life size display figures.

Singapore Pilatelic Museum

Continually updating and refreshing their galleries, the Singapore Philatelic Museum brings to life the world of stamps. CEC has provided SPM, design and production services for a wide range of their gallery content, including Asia’s Spice Trade and Chinese Zodiac themed galleries.

NUS Heritage & Life Gallery

A new gallery area, highlighting the heritage and achievements of the various stakeholders in the University’s Engineering Faculty. CEC provided full design & production services within a challenging atrium space that is regularly used for functions and events.

NUS Material Science Engineering

Showcasing selected areas throughout the MSE department to highlight their research and development work. CEC provided full design & production services.