At creative edge we love the challenge in experiential design. we believe that design at its best is purposeful, functional and memorable. beyond aesthetics, it has the power to enrich minds, inspire change and improve the quality of life.

Our Philosophy

Simply put, our goal is to provide the best design and production solution for our clients – one that is purposeful, functional, and sustainable economically and environmentally. At the same time, this design solution should be stimulating, engaging and memorable for the intended audience. That’s our goal.

Our Background

Our extensive experience and expertise coupled with the latest developments and technology creates the Edge for our clients. We provide a global standard with a local nuance.


At the core of the group is the company’s principals with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience that provide guidance and direction for both the design and project management divisions.

Our Services

We provide a broad range of services and we tap on our diverse and unique talents, responding to a host of challenges with creative solutions that have elevated our clients’ aspirations and reshaped our audience’s experiences.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Development Strategies
  • Master Planning
  • Concept Designs (exterior & interior design, multimedia & graphics)
  • Technical Detailing
  • Project Management
  • Specialist Production